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Il Content Update 4.2 di State of Decay 2 disponibile da oggi

Il Content Update 4.2 di State of Decay 2 disponibile da oggi

Undead Labs ha pubblicato nelle scorse ore il nuovo Content Update di State of Decay 2 che si aggiorna dunque alla release 4.2.

La patch sistema alcuni bug del DLC Daybreak Pack e aggiunge diverse migliorie al gameplay e alla stabilità generale del titolo.

Di seguito il changelog completo:

Critical Fixes

  • We were finally able to reproduce the dreaded audio blowout bug in a dev environment, and we have a new intended fix. As before, if you encounter the bug after installing the update, please let us know!

Daybreak Fixes

  • Red Talon traits, skills, and hero bonuses should no longer appear on non-Red Talon characters.
  • Fixed an issue where, if a player in Daybreak looking at the shared inventory disconnected, other players were blocked from accessing the inventory.
  • You can now properly deliver the special “standing execution” move unlocked by the Heroism skill. All that Red Talon training has to be worth something, right?
  • The Tactics skill now properly allows a character in stealth to silently open locked doors.
  • Red Talon recruits who are euthanized no longer remain static in a standing position. Because that’s just a little TOO disciplined.
  • Players will no longer automatically (and erroneously) unlock the “Cargo Cult” achievement while downloading Daybreak. Building the CLEO Relay Facility is how you get it now, as originally intended.
  • It’s no longer possible to accidentally place the Red Talon Watchtower facility into a slot that prevents your survivors from actually being able to get inside the facility.
  • Bloater gas clouds in Daybreak now play their proper audio every time. These guys may be deadly, but they’re not silent.
  • The description text for the Remote Rocket Pod now clarifies that you can only detonate one of them at a time.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a soft lock that would occur if a player died (via injury) while entering a vehicle at the same time. It sounds weird and hard to pull off, but it was totally happening.
  • Fixed a number of localization issues.

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