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Forza Horizon 4 migliora nella stabilità su Xbox One e PC grazie alla nuova patch

Forza Horizon 4 migliora nella stabilità su Xbox One e PC grazie alla nuova patch

Playground Games ha pubblicato ieri in tarda serata la seconda patch correttiva del suo ultimo capolavoro, ossia Forza Horizon 4, per le versioni Xbox One e PC.

L’aggiornamento migliora il matchmaking e le sessioni cross-play tra le due piattaforme, migliora la stabilità del gioco, elimina alcuni bug presenti.

La versione PC è quella più ottimizzata con questa patch, come dimostra il changelog di seguito:

• General stability improvements
• Changed the Titan FE Rivals Event to a regular Titan with an Upgrade Preset so non-VIPs can play it.
• Fix for stall when connecting to a multiplayer session.
• Fix for traffic sometimes not respawning after exiting an event sign-up in Horizon Life or after completing a Horizon Story.
• Fix for Creative Hub data when accessed from Leaderboards.
• Fix for crash during the rewards flow after completing a Horizon Story.
• Fix for race position changing sometimes when crossing the line in co-op.
• Fix for Xbox Silver Accounts not defaulting to Horizon Solo, resulting in failure to connect to multiplayer servers.
• Fix for #Forzathon Live cinematics disappearing after disconnection.
• Updated chase camera on the Mercedes Unimog to improve visibility.

• Manual HDR option added. Note that some PC HDR users may find that their HDR setting becomes set to ‘off’ due to this update. They will need to toggle it back on using the manual setting.
• Fix for HDR detection when multiple displays are connected.
• Fix for user video settings being reset when graphics drivers are updated. Note that updating the driver just before running with this game update may still reset the video settings.
• Minimum AMD graphics driver version updated to 18.9.3.
• Fix for GPU crash after displaying the boot logo videos.
• Improvements to video options auto-detection when running with a 4k monitor.
• Fix for some cars parts appearing semi-transparent on AMD GPUs.
• Fix for accelerator pedal not working on Thrustmaster T150 in some set-ups.

• Fix for displaying the fallback car when reaching the Dirt race series with only the initial install chunk installed.


Scrittore di successo, filosofo, videogiocatore sin dalla notte dei tempi. Tra un libro e un altro si diletta a sfogare la sua ira ludica prettamente su PC, nonostante un passato di grandissimo estimatore di Xbox.

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